11 Alternatives to Searchmonkey for Fast File Search


Searchmonkey is straightforward and solid software which fills in as a quick web search engine for demonstrating search results crosswise over numerous registries of your system. This program is diverse to other desktop search engines and allows the users to search for each and every type of file and document in the system. There is an extensive variety of center components in the shape of the advanced search system, quick responsive interface, enhanced for content documents; updates search system and much more. The application is enhanced for seeking source code like formula PHP, HTML, C#, determination C/C++, and Java. Furthermore, it is conceivable to change it to any language and latest interface within a go. Here are some of the perfect and best alternatives to Searchmonkey.

1. SearchMyFiles

SearchMyFiles is a compact and lightweight program that can search files and data from hard disk or a drive rapidly, spare and create reports to document and perform several other functions. This application does not adjust Windows registry settings; permit you to spare this software to any PC, and store on a USB and other removable devices as well. There are an easy-to-utilize and clear interface and the perfect alternatives to SeaMonkey. You can make the list of files or documents that you do not want to appear in the result. That system of this tool makes it one of the search devices.

2. PowerGREP

PowerGREP is a broad file and documents discoverer for parallel and content documents, including a library with predefined activities, an integrated word processor, bolster for common expressions, and that’s just the beginning. Here the clients meet proficient looking interface with an apparent structure which incorporates various sheets. This program lets you read document names, play out a basic hunt, supplant and find or erase keywords, get a rundown of all records in a central area, and gather information. At last, you can likewise add a header and footer to documents, discover email addresses, and erase similar words.

3. Lookeen Desktop Search

Lookeen Desktop Search is an effective search engine based searching application that lets PC users search for any file or documents on PC or information inside messages, reports, and connections. There are inquiry as-you-write capacities to discover what the clients are searching for. You can review any of the documents which show up in the indexed lists list. It is conceivable to all the while seeking the substance of office archives, web content like PHP or HTML pages, PDF records, and some more. The product helps you to change the ordering speed and perform document ordering operations at coveted timeframes. After introducing, you have a choice to arrange it as an unadulterated viewpoint module.

4. Cathy

Cathy is a perfect, powerful and valuable data showing tool that makes the users able to search for any file or document in the system. The client can list an extensive variety of media sorts, and there is an intuitive and clean interface which is anything but difficult to make sense of. This program works with registries and subdirectories and helps you file the records put away on various removable media. It is conceivable to get help with the intuitive element and discover the interface with the date, name, way, volume, and length.

5. UltraSearch

UltraSearch is a convenient and solid program intended to find records on NTFS hard drives to a significant degree quick, given client characterized look criteria. As a matter of course, the application naturally avoids two areas: the Recycle Bin and the System Volume Information and it is prescribed that you abandon them along these lines. For the same reasons, UltraSearch is said to be one of the perfect alternatives to Searchmonkey for searching files from the PC.

6. Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic Desktop Search is intended to help you look efficiently and productively your records, messages, and reports in the system. With the expansion of new advanced features and functions such as Microsoft OneNote indexation and Sorting by pertinence, you’ll have the capacity to find the data applicable to you quicker and turn out to be more beneficial. Increment your reading speed and your organization’s profitability while lessening the time lost attempting to discover those archives.

7. FileLocator

FileLocator Lite is a free to use reduced functionality version of original pro version. There is an important component which bolsters different tabs to play out numerous quests in the meantime with various channels. It is conceivable to build up the improved document searching mode, find style, and the Boolean expression coordinate mode. Also, you can make a top choices list, utilize an external editorial manager, clear search history, save the scan criteria for future undertakings, and fare results to clipboard or document.

8. FileSearchy

FileSearchy is a brisk, intense and simple to utilize utility to find documents on your PC. It gives continuous search by document name. Dissimilar to other search devices with moment document search, it additionally permits seeking by substance string, date, and size. FileSearchy bolsters numerous mainstream configurations and highlights discovered content in record name and material. FileSearchy performs speedy ordering and keeps up a lightweight database of record names on your PC. This empowers seek by file name within a moment.

9. Everything

Everything is the name of another file and document searching application just like Searchmonkey. It is one of the best and simplest means to search any file on the system. The best about Everything is its advanced sorting and searching systems like regex, bookmarks, filters, exporting file list and much more. The other quality of this tool is that it automatically indexes the drives and updates the indexes as well after monitoring the drives for changes. The users can, in the end, save the search result as well to resume the search process later.

10. Locate32

Locate32 is a minimal and convenient application that rapidly looks for documents in your framework. It can be dealt with by a wide range of clients, paying little heed to their aptitude level. Since there is no need to installing this application at all, you can simple drop the program file anyplace on the hard drive and run the executable specifically. It is additionally conceivable to save Locate32 to a USB device or other removable drives, so you can run it on any operating system consistently.

11. DocFetcher

DocFetcher is the name of other open source desktop search tool that is available for all leading operating systems. It features indexing and searching options and deploy the functions of the open source engine. The main highlighted features and functions of DocFetcher are its supports for almost all type of doc and digital media formats, exclusion of files from the regular expressions, a search system for emails, customizable and much more.