Best 10 Iwantim Alternatives Messengers


Iwantim is an instant messaging tool but don’t consider it a common lM application like Yahoo Messenger, Live Messenger, Hangout, Live, Messenger, etc. it is basically a multifunctional messenger that is used for sending messages to the users of other messengers like MSN, AIM, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk and many more in addition to its own account holders. There is no limit at all on sending and receiving messages and even doing voice chatting.

1. Instantbird

During the recent years, the popularity of Instantbird has been increased because of its versatile features that allow its users to deal with users of other messaging in addition to its own users. Customization is the other distinguish feature of this tool that will allow you to craft your profile and design it as you want. A lot of emoticons and smileys are there to make your chatting colorful. In the end, you can chat with the users of other messaging platform as well.

2. Adium

Adium is an open source IM client for Mac OS X. It supports multiple lM networks like Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, Live Messenger, and XMPP. The latest version of Adium even supports the Twitter as well. Its list of supporting protocols is quite wide. What makes Adium different is its availability of plug-in architecture that allows the users to extend its features by adding third party plugins.

3. Nimbuzz

This cross platform lM client offers its services for only those lM protocols that are being used. For example it support for interaction with Google Talk, Facebook Chat and Twitter but have no support for MySpace, AIM, ICQ and few others because these have very low number of users. Nimbuzz is available in free and paid version and both versions are available for all mobile operating systems in addition to Mac and Windows versions.

4. lM+

Next in the list is lM+ that is much similar to the lwantim. This lM client will allow you to access the multiple lM protocols. The best about IM+ is that it allows its users to chat with more than one user at a time. The conversion can be made colorful by using stickers and emoticons. IM+ can be even used for the purpose of transferring files, images and other similar data in a secure environment. All these features collectively make the lM+ one of the best messaging clients.

5. Kopete

Kopete is a state of the art free software and IM client that can run in multiple environments. After the block of lCQ, it was developed by the same developers. This IM client permit its users to connect almost all leading protocols like Gadu-Gadu, OSCAR, QQ, Skype, Xfire, Lotus Samtime, and many others. The interface of Kopete is simply user friendly where everything arranged in such an orders that can be access easily.

6. Disa

Disa is a communication and messaging application that permits its users to do text, voice and video chatting and also share the important documents with others as well. Just like most of the IM clients, Disa also supports for the multiple lM protocols as well. That means if your friend is using Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger or other messaging apps then you can communicate with them as well.

7. AIM Messenger

AIM Messenger is also listed among those IM clients that in addition to giving the chance of text and voice chatting to their own users, allow the other IM client users as well to communicate with the users of AIM Messenger. The interface of AIM Messenger is quite simple and integrates only essential features and functions of connecting and chatting.

8. Trillian

Trillian is the best in the class IM whose interface is much more similar to that of AOL Instant Messenger client tool. This tool can be used a mean for sharing documents and files as well. Using multiple tabs for chatting and switching between tabs all are possible in this tool. If you have good command over C++, then you can modify some of its basic features and functions as well.

9. Sim-IM

SIM-IM that is also called SlM Instant Messenger is a multipurpose and open source IM protocols for the multiple messaging protocols. It is widely available for the Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. It is based on the QT Library that allows for the communication with leading IM clients. Moreover, it is available in multiple languages as well so you can communicate in your own native language as well.

10. MessengerLog 8

At last, we have MessengerLog 8 that is best for sharing and saving records in addition to doing chatting. The best about MessengerLog 8 is that it is a highly configurable IM client that will permit you to change its settings as per your own requirement. lt widely support chatting and messaging sharing with MS Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Skype, Google Talk and lCQ.