10 More Sites Like BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed.com called itself the entertainment company and social news providers. In recent years, this platform has gained a lot of popularity among the internet users because of providing them filtered material from their favorite websites. Today most of the breaking news shares, reports, and entertainment stuff are being hold by the BuzzFeed.com. However, it is not the only one in this line. Here are some best BuzzFeed.com alternatives.

1. Mashable.com

Mashable.com is among those rarest sites over the internet that can surely beat the BuzzFeed.com in term of materials, content, stuff and functionalities. Mashable.com is widely called as the one-stop news provider over the internet. Today millions of users over the internet and in shape of the smartphone app users are using the online information services of Mashable.com.

2. Upworthy

Upworthy concentrates on stories and substance that they feel genuinely matter and have any kind of effect in this world. They should accomplish something right considering their substance is being locked in by more than 50 million internet users every month. Upworthy recounts those stories and helps them get through. Stories that are justified regardless of your time – and that improve the world a place.

3. ViralNova.com

This site produces content that compasses more than 100 million internet users every month. You don’t need to go for registration first to get your favorite content; you can tail them on other online social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to get the daily dose of top trending stories.

4. Cracked

The focus of Cracked is on delivering humor content over the internet. Each month its pages are viewed 300 million times by the millions of new and registered users across the globe. If you are looking for a specific website that only deals in funny videos, funny pics, funny articles, funny content and everything about fun, then we recommend for Cracked.

5. Digg

Digg is basically a news aggregator type website that features the best videos, articles and original content over the internet. It delivers the most interesting stories to its users that they want to hear from it. First, it was offering the voting feature like Reddit that has been replaced now and now its editor decide about the trending articles on its website.

6. BoingBoing

BoingBoing called itself one of the largest directories of wonderful and amazing things over the internet. It offers the mix of short stories and articles that are worth to read. Most of the content being offered by the BoingBoing is based on the technology. BoingBoing is widely regarded as one of the leading magazines for Greek culture.

7. PlayBuzz

PlayBuzz is although not a news aggregator but still the one of the most favorite and visited authoritative platform over the internet for interactive storytelling. It makes the publishers, brands and content creators to create the catchy and engaging editing material over the internet. In addition to reading the stuff of others, you can share your own content as well.

8. Fark

Fark is the best source for getting bizarre, amusing, and interesting stories over the internet. The stuff available here is being submitted by its regular users. If you are interested in getting your own business published here, then you can also enjoy its publication service as well. The site is not as greater as BuzzFeeed.com but still the best source of information.

9. Saduseless.com

Saduseless.com is about unbalanced amusingness that a significant number of the circumstances will take you a couple of minutes to identify with. It’s about little and smart things that are to a considerable degree senseless that you’ll either ask yourselves ‘what on the planet did they consider? While you shake your head or it will make you snicker till you cry.

10. Wired.com

Wired is famous for authoring new terms, such as the Long Tail and crowdsourcing, alongside its yearly custom of giving out Vaporware Awards which recognize items, computer games alongside other geeky goodies pitched, guaranteed and also advertised, however never conveyed. Wired is known additionally to feature publications from industry pioneers.