12 Best Freelancing Websites like Freelancer


What is Freelancing?

The idea of Freelancing has developed throughout the years, and with the approach of innovation, computerized development, internet users are are rushing towards new jobs. The web has something to offer for everybody, and it is currently simpler than at any other time to outsource your work or profit as an afterthought chipping away at another person’s venture. Established in 2009, Freelancer.com is one of the most reliable systems for outsourcing employments of all shapes and sizes. With more than 15 million registered users and more than 7 million complete tasks, Freelancer is a prominent platform among both job providers and job seekers. Companies here can post their work and after that specialists can discover them and quote their price to finish the task.

1. Upwork

With a noteworthy merger being marked amongst Elance and oDesk in 2013, Elance-oDesk has now remarked itself to Upwork in the wake of bringing $160 million up in financing. oDesk is presently authoritatively Upwork and in spite of the fact that the name could be a little put-off, it has added some cool new elements to the officially important system. Upwork has something for everybody including web developers, writers, designers, virtual assistant, marketing specialists and the sky is the limit from there.

2. Elance

Elance is effectively one of the most established systems for professionals across the globe. Elance includes a stunning number of consultants and employment postings on their system. With more than 110,000 opportunities posted on the right in the course of recent days, Elance is an outsourcing machine. Software engineers and writers are the main highlighted jobs over this platform. Elance has everything for everybody including work classes going from writing and developing to SEO/marketing and web development and designing.

3. Toptal

Toptal is an exceptional system for procuring the best designers on the planet for your aspiring programming projects. Disregard all the whine about searching for your ideal designer and make a beeline for Toptal for your product extends. Toptal hand-picks the best independent software developers and designers on the planet for you. They guarantee that out of 1,000 engineer applications submitted to them, just 3% are chosen. An exceedingly specific system of the best independent engineers on the internet is the thing that Toptal is putting forth.

4. Guru

Guru.com is likewise one of the most professional systems for professionals, being established in 1998. Guru.com components of 1.5 million clients and over a million finished tasks through their system. More than 3.4 Million administrations are accessible through the system spread crosswise over eight classes. Administrations going from Web/IT and plan and keeping in touch with management, legal services, consultants, writers are accessible at Guru.com. For specialists, all they need is an entire and a la mode profile on the system and afterward, hunt down employments and apply to them. Your proposition is moved down by your portfolio furthermore a day by day coordinate component is accessible.

5. 99Designs

99designs is an excellent commercial center for architects. Brand and logo planning, stationery outlining, the web and portable application planning are a portion of the key classes that are secured by 99designs. It is more similar to an online hackathon for outlining. The client determines his needs and the prize for every bit of outline. Independent originators partake in the opposition by presenting their particular outline thought for the venture. The client could choose the best plan from every one of the passages, and later the installment is made.

6. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is an independent system established in 2005. This system offers the independent company a wide range of administrations running from logo outlining, site development to confining the site planning and everything in the middle of with SEO, marketing and content writing. PeoplePerHour is an incredible place for specialists hoping to take a shot at cool ventures. PeoplePerHour is financially savvy and permits private venture and people to contract consultants to get their venture finished. Managers can peruse for Hourlies and pay an upfront installment on an errand to kick the work off.

7. CrowdSpring

CrowdSpring is another excellent system for the creative consultants. CrowdSpring is about the independent logo and visual fashioners. Established in 2007, CrowdSpring is a commercial center for creative administrations. This system offers two approaches to get your plan or naming task effectively finished. One route is to ‘Work with the group’, which permits businesses to post a venture, its valuing and let every one of the fashioners ring in with their recommendations.

8. Envato Studio

Established in 2007 as Microlancer, before going ahead to re-mark itself as Envato Studio, this is one of the top notch hand-picked online commercial centers for computerized administrations. Envato Studio is a part of the Envato system and offers hand-picked specialists for plan or programming improvement needs. Real classes secured by Envato studio go from duplicate composition, planning, logo outline, WordPress administrations and development to versatile applications and site development.

9. Fiverr

Fiverr offers classifications going from outline and media to composing and interpretation to programming and tech related. Senseless gigs are likewise regular on this system, which make it a fun and intriguing spot for consultants to get inventive. All you need is simply post a gig offering an administration utilizing your best aptitudes. Gigs on Fiverr ordinarily run from miniaturized scale employments to out and out tasks with extra administrations to them. More instruments and additional items could be opened after the culmination of an adequate number of exchanges.

10. mTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or regularly known as “mturk” is an internet job posting and seeking system that rundowns gigs which are not done by PCs alone. Mturk is a commercial center that rundowns ‘Human Intelligence Tasks’ or known as HIT’s to give assignments, for example, taking photos of a physical store, item depictions, and so on. Businesses are limited to US-based administrations.

11. Errand Rabbit

Have nobody around the home to help you with your family assignments? Errand Rabbit is the best online commercial center for you. Established in 2008, Task Rabbit is a portable commercial center offering little occupations and jobs to individuals in your neighborhood. With $37 million in subsidizing, Task Rabbit was established when its organizer had no opportunity to buy and by getting her canine’s sustenance! Errand Rabbit gives a driving force on the significance of seemingly insignificant details in life and gives consultants a chance to help their neighbors with tasks like house cleaning, running your errands, cleaning your stove, building IKEA furniture.

12. Get a Coder

Get A Coder is a web-based commercial outsourcing center to discover creators, developers, and consultants for your next venture. This is a system to locate the best programmers, designers, and freelance researchers. Post a free venture on this system and begin getting offers from consultants inside minutes. Get A Coder offers administrations at reasonable rates, pointed especially in the private venture and people. A great many miniaturized scale occupations and little scale undertakings are accessible on the system.